Martinka Pipinkova: Hymen pics & Defloration

Bianka Golden Virgin Bianka Golden Virgin
I met this beautiful 18 year old model while walking on the street here in my city. She visited my studio several times while I worked with other models. Finally she agreed to pose for me in the nude. During her interview she said that she was a virgin, but confessed to some sexual experience. She and her younger brother slept in one bed until he was 10. Then they slept in separate beds in one room. Many times in the morning, she woke up to see him in bed with an erection, and was fascinated with it. She lay very quietly and stared at it. One night before going to sleep they were playfully wrestling in bed and she felt his hard penis under his underpants. He tried to remove her hand but she pressed harder and he lay back. She is a very daring girl and reached into his underpants and held his naked hard penis. Then it happened. He moaned and the hot sticky fluid erupted from his penis. She said that she was amazed and a little frightened. As you can imagine, after that “accident” brother and sister learned about each other’s body in detail each night. One night she let him insert his little finger into her virgin pussy. He told her that it was very hot and slippery inside. He was so excited that he had an orgasm. The next night he learned about her clitoris and she had her first orgasm. She described it to me as like a lightning bolt struck nearby, with cramps in the belly. There were many nights after that too.
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Bianka Golden Virgin Bianka Golden Virgin
Her story made me so hot I had to calm down before photographing her. You will see that her hymen is still mostly intact. My adult finger still found a very tight pussy, after I pushed thru the hymen. And as for her experience with my big dildo…… Well you will have to go into the members section to see all her nude photos and a very hot video that includes a masturbation scene with her defloration.
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